Pemberton’s busy library gets a new look

January 13, 2019

The ‘hub of the community’ remains busy and critical to the growing town

The Pemberton and District Library has been given a facelift thanks largely to community fundraising. In an effort to create more space and adapt to the needs of patrons, the library’s front entrance has been redesigned, shelving has been reconfigured, and dedicated spaces for computing and studying have been created.…

Underfunding, bad repairs, cited for why Canadian roads are breaking down

January 12, 2019

Municipal and provincial governments in Canada are all looking for better ways to deal with their growing pothole problems, but none is properly tracking whether the repairs they do now are effective over time, says the author of a soon-to-be completed study on the roadway menaces. And few appear prepared to spend the money necessary to ensure what they shovel into the car-crippling craters lasts until longer-term road repairs can be performed, says engineer Dave Hein.…

Local conservationists laud agreement to close fish farms

Dave Brown hopes move signals government’s desire to transition away from open-net farms

Sea to Sky conservationists are hopeful an announcement last month that several fish farms will be removed from the Broughton Archipelago signals the government’s appetite to transition the province’s aquaculture industry away from open-net farming. Announced Dec. 14, the agreement between the provincial and federal governments, First Nations, and two fish-farm companies will see all 17 fish farms in B.C.’s Broughton Archipelago (a group of islands on the northeastern flank of the Queen Charlotte Strait) either closed or relocated over a number of years in order to create a migration path for wild salmon.…

California photographer wins Deep Winter

Ming T. Poon earns top spot at 13th annual event

Ming T. Poon was crowned the winner at the 13th annual Deep Winter Photo Challenge on Friday, Jan. 11. The Lake Tahoe, Calif.-based photographer and director of photography edged out five other competitors to take the top spot, winning $5,000.…

Global love-in with mountains boosts online science course popularity

Massive Open Online Course, Mountains 101, No. 1 in the world

It’s well known that residents of the Sea to Sky corridor have a healthy appreciation for mountain environments. For many, it’s what drew them to the region in the first place.…

Waste not, want not

January 11, 2019

Whistler Waldorf student commits to one year of zero waste

Heading up the mountain last year, Irie Smith took note of a Whistler Blackcomb sign touting the mountain operator’s reduction of waste to landfill. “It said, ‘reducing 70 per cent or something of our waste going to landfill,’ and I thought that was so cool,” Smith recalled.…

Whistler Blackcomb saw lower-than-expected visitation over holiday period

Vail Resorts says results largely due to ‘weather variability’ and low traffic from destination and international visitors

Visitation to Whistler Blackcomb (WB) over the holiday period was below owner Vail Resorts’ expectations, according to a mid-season report by the Colorado-based ski-resort operator. In a release sent to investors on Friday, Jan. 11, Vail Resorts said that results over the holidays at its roster of resorts met expectations—with the exception of WB and its Tahoe, Calif. properties, “primarily driven by increased weather variability at those resorts over the holidays and lower than expected destination and international visitation.”
The season so far has been a tale of two forecasts in Whistler; for much of November, unseasonably warm weather had residents wondering when the ski season would finally get underway in earnest, while December saw a deluge of snow that ended up breaking the month’s historical snowfall record, with 384 centimetres.…

Luka Gordic’s killer sentenced as an adult to life

Burnaby teen was slain in a stabbing during the 2015 May long weekend in Whistler

The family of Burnaby teen Luka Gordic openly wept today as a man who was found guilty of second-degree murder was sentenced as an adult and given life in prison. The man was convicted last year in connection to the killing during the 2015 May long weekend in Whistler, but the big question was if he would be sentenced as an adult since he was 17 years old at the time of the murder, although only three weeks away from turning 18.…

Reflecting on the legacy of Chris Prior

This season’s boards and skis pay homage to Prior’s artistic passion

Despite passing away just over a year ago, Chris Prior’s fingerprints can be found all over Prior’s newest snowboard line. “Before Chris passed away, we really redesigned most of our models,” explained Dominic Morin, who worked closely with Prior for a dozen years and now serves as the company’s head shaper.…

B.C. hits new record: population rises above five million

January 10, 2019

Over the past year, the province grew by 70,763 persons

B.C. hit a new milestone as its population surpassed five million people for the first time on record as of October 1, 2018. At 5,017,000 million persons, B.C.’s population rose by 24,635 persons during the third quarter.…

On open doors, RMOW lacks legal authority

January 9, 2019

Council briefs: Q3 financials presented

While Whistler’s mayor and council received yet another letter asking them to take action on open doors along the Village Stroll, the matter isn’t as straightforward as a simple bylaw amendment. “The RMOW (Resort Municipality of Whistler) looked into our ability to regulate the closing of retail store doors, and staff have confirmed with our legal counsel that it is beyond the authority of a local government to regulate the position of a retail-store door,” said Mayor Jack Crompton at the Jan. 8 council meeting.…

COS needs eyewitnesses to advance investigation into bear feeding

Provincial agency launched investigation in Kadenwood last month

The Conservation Officer Service (COS) said it is moving ahead with its investigation into alleged bear feeding in Kadenwood—but it needs eyewitnesses to come forward and corroborate the reports it has already received. “With the people we’ve talked to, everybody knows it’s happening, that (bear-feeding has occurred) in the area.…

TW halts marketing in China amid rising tensions

Organization follows the lead of Destination BC and Destination Canada

Tourism Whistler is pausing its marketing efforts in China amid rising tensions between Canada and China. “We’ve halted them for the time being, following the lead of Destination British Columbia and Destination Canada,” explained Shawna Lang, director of market development for Tourism Whistler.…

Why seafood eco-labelling matters

Meet Vancouver’s Ned Bell: sustainable seafood advocate and celebrity chef

In 2018, when more than 50 B.C. chefs put their names to a letter calling on the B.C. government not to renew 20 salmon farm leases, one name was conspicuously absent—Ned Bell’s.If any chef in B.C. can be called a sustainable seafood advocate, it’s Bell. The celebrity chef is the official ambassador for the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program and is the author of Lure, a cookbook based on sustainable seafood from the West Coast.…

Whistler author releases new children’s book

Sara Leach celebrates Penguin Days at Whistler Public Library on Jan. 20

When Whistler author Sara Leach first started writing about her character Lauren 10 years ago, that young girl looked a lot different than she does today. “The reason I wrote Slug Days (the first book featuring Lauren) as a picture-book manuscript was because I was teaching a little girl with autism spectrum disorder,” says Leach, who works as a teacher-librarian at Spring Creek Community School.…

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